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Open Source Contribution Guide

I am mostly posting this so I remember the git commands

  • Fork the repository you are interested in.

  • Clone from your personal repository: git clone https://github.com/<me>/<repo>.git.

  • Add the original repository to your upstream: git remote add upstream https://github.com/<owner>/<repo>.git

  • Now, pull and merge:

    1. git fetch upstream
    2. git checkout master
    3. git merge upstream/master
  • You can run these when the project you are interested updates their code.

  • Next checkout a new branch that describes your feature: git checkout -b <feature-branch>

  • Make your patches

  • Ready? Commit your changes git add . and git commit -S -m "commit message"

  • In the commit, use a helpful format to describe your PR. Good syntax for your message is something like fix: or chore(linter): .

  • Push to your repository: git push origin <feature-branch>

  • Make an LLM write the description of your pull request and make your PR!