• Jan2023 - Current
    Free and Open Source Developer
    Rust, Swift, and Typescript Developer
    • Implemented an encrypted peer-to-peer messaging library and multithreaded proxy server for Rust-based Bitcoin clients, part of the rust-bitcoin community.
    • Developing a light-weight Bitcoin node designed to run in constrained environments like smart phones.
    • Designed and created an iOS-native, SwiftUI, Bitcoin and Lightning network wallet suitable for new and experienced users.
    • Actively contributing to the Bitcoin Dev Kit project with spurious commits to rust-bitcoin and breez-sdk.
    • Built zero-dependency ChaCha20 and ChaCha20Poly1305 encryption ciphers compatible with arbitrary Rust build targets.
  • Dec2021 - Aug2022
    Viant Technologies
    Junior Machine Learning Engineer
    • Built end-to-end deep-learning models utilizing the Keras functional API, Tensorflow immutables, and TensorFlow layers.
    • Experimented with novel LLM architectures and training methods using open-source models on HuggingFace.
    • Refactored repositories to improve data pipeline efficiencies and to reduce time and space complexity of existing models.
    • Leveraged tools such as Google BigQuery, AI Platform, and Google Cloud Functions.
  • Aug2020 - Jan2021
    University of California - Berkeley
    Student Instructor
    • Lectured to 150+ students on course concepts with theoretical explanations, solved coding examples, and easy analogies.
    • Developed the Python programming skills of over 250 students in office hours with basic to intermediate coding problems.